Advanced Healthcare Management Medication Nurse (LPN / RN) - Part-Time 2nd Shift in Booneville, Mississippi

Job Description

To provide nursing care to the residents as prescribed by the physician and in accordance with established facility protocol, local, state and federal regulations. To lead and/or direct C.N.A. in the delivery of direct resident care.

ACCOUNTABILITY:R.N. Supervisor, Assistant Director of Nursing, Director of Nursing


Assess the overall status of the residents and document in the medical record. Monitor the residents’ activity and provide nursing care in accordance with physician orders, care plans, local, state and federal regulations as well as established facility protocol. Coordinate, prepare for and assist with new admissions, transfers and discharges. Communicate with residents, family members, other disciplines and health care professionals regarding the status of the resident. Take and record vital signs. Administer medications and treatments and document accordingly. Schedule job assignments and duties for C.N.A. Take report at the beginning of the shift in order to receive an update on the residents under your care. Be observant for changes in a resident’s condition and notify the Supervisor (if applicable), physician and family. Visit all residents at various times during your shift. Supervise, and assist with the feeding of residents and administer the tube feedings. Order medications from the pharmacy, as indicated. Carry out all physician orders, including making out lab slips, x-ray requests and M.A.R. Provide routine nursing documentation as per established facility protocol. Prepare residents for going on pass. Answer the telephone properly. Complete Incident/Accident Reports on all residents, employees and visitors as the need arises. Leave the nurses’ station and medication cart clean and well stocked for the on-coming shift. Count controlled drugs at the beginning and end of the shift. Report occupational exposure in accordance with established facility protocol. Be knowledgeable about and promote resident rights. Prevents abuse, neglect and exploitation in the elderly. Promote a safe, clean environment in which the residents may live. Check the 24-Hour Report daily in order to be aware of changes in the residents’ conditions and/or plans of treatment. Assist with M.D.S.+ and Total Care Plan meetings, as indicated. Any other duties and responsibilities, as requested by the Director of Nursing. Become a participating facility team member with the residents as first priority. COGNITIVE AND SENSORY REQUIREMENTS:

Talking: Communicating with residents, families, visitors and staff Hearing: Taking instructions from the Administrator To respond to resident complaints and requests To respond appropriately to disaster instructions and pages Sight: For performing job effectively and correctly Smell: For accurate detection and maintenance of facility odors *Touch: In order to detect changes in temperature LICENSURE REQUIREMENTS:

Must be a Licensed Practical Nurse (L.P.N.) or Registered Nurse (R.N.) currently licensed and in good standing with the Board of Nursing in the State in which the facility is located.


Tasks and procedures performed by the employee involve risks classified by C.D.C. as Category I. (Direct contact with blood or other bodily fluids to which universal precautions apply.)


Must be able to tolerate a high pace as typical for a nursing facility. Must be able to take and give instructions well and enjoy working with the elderly. Although employee is required to sit for prolonged periods of time, he/she must also be able to tolerate prolonged standing and walking.