SUGAR CREEK REST INCORPORATED Registered Nurse (RN) in Worthington, Pennsylvania

Sugar Creek Rest located in Worthington, PA is seeking caring licensed RNs to help us provide quality person-directed health care in a safe, nurturing home setting. Sugar Creek Rest offers competitive wages and full-time benefits including medical, dental, vision and 401K. EEOE QUALIFICATIONS: Must be a Registered Nurse from an accredited school with a current license to practice in the state of Pennsylvania. Must possess leadership skills and the ability with the willingness to cooperate with department heads and other personnel. Must have the ability to organize, plan, and direct nursing care. Must have patience, tact, a cheerful disposition and enthusiasm and be able to handle residents in a mature manner. DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: Make routine rounds. Administer medications and treatments ordered by Medical Director.. Initiate and maintain IV therapy. Complete admission assessments. Obtain and write admission orders. Maintain resident's record in compliance with state regulations. Assist with admitting, discharging and transferring residents. Take verbal and telephone orders from physicians and transcribe them appropriately. Order medications and supplies for residents in a timely fashion. Perform tests and other diagnostic work ordered by Medical Director. Assign duties to nursing assistants and LPN's. Supervise timely completion of duties assigned to nursing assistants Assist in assembling charts. Assist in completing incident/accident records. Assure notification of Administration, MD and DON of occurrence. Assure notifications of family of any incident or change in resident's status, medications or treatments. Notify attending physician of change in condition after complete assessment of resident. Assure residents requiring visit from physician in room. Direct emergency care. Administer IV and injectable medications as ordered. Deliver tube feedings as ordered. Insure appropriate methods of transfer for individual residents. Initiate wound care protocol. Evaluate labs and notify Medical Director as needed. ***All applicants must pass a physical and drug screen before a final offer of employment will be made***