Nurse Connection Staffing, Inc. Certified Nurse Aides in Utica, New York

Certified Nurse Aides.
Full and part time positions available with The Nurse Connection Staffing in Utica NY and surrounding areas.
Candidate must have current and valid NYS Certification for Nursing Assistants.
Must be at least 18 years of age.
Compassionate, mature, sympathetic and professional at all times.
Good organization and communication skills.
Ability to read, write, understand and carry out directions.
A health examination must be successfully completed prior to assignment to verify that he/she is free from communicable disease and physically capable of performing assigned duties.
Six consecutive full time months of CNA experience post certification in long term care required.
The candidate must successfully complete any/all required pre-employment evaluation test(s) per policy.
Candidate will have the physical ability to perform job-related duties, which may require lifting, standing bending, transferring, stooping, stretching, walking, pushing and pulling.
Pay is $14.00 per hour for weekdays, $15.00 per hour on weekends.
Benefits of working for Nurse Connection Staffing:
Flexible Scheduling to meet your needs. Excellent Competitive Compensation better than full-time or per-diem. Daily Pay Advance Available. Day, evening and night positions available. Work in the area's finest facilities. Plus Health Insurance, Bonuses for Perfect Attendance, Hours Worked, Referral Bonus, discounted Wholesale Club membership and more. Our personal scheduling coordinator will work with you.

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