Care Advantage Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) - Salem in Salem, Virginia

Licensed Practical NurseI. DESCRIPTION:The Licensed Practical Nurse provides direct patient care, administers medications under the supervision of the Registered Nurse in the facility.II. JOB RELATIONSHIPS:A. Responsible to: Charge Nurse of facility assigned, Staffing Administrator, and Staffing Coordinator.B. Interrelationships: Works with patients, families, physicians, and other health care providers.III. STANDARDS OF PERFORMANCE:A. Participates in developing, planning, implementing and evaluating written care plan including goals and nursing actions under supervision of the R.N., and reports patientand#39;s response to the RN.B. Encourages patient and family participation in the formulation of the nursing care plan and reports the teaching needs of the patients and families to the Registered Nurse.C. Provides direct patient care based on the polices and procedures of Nurse Advantage and Facility assigned under the supervision of the Facilities Manager.D. Demonstrates adequate knowledge and skill in regard to administration of medicine (with the exception of direct IV push medications,) and only upon obtaining a qualifying score on a pharmacology examination given by Nurse Advantage.E. Organizes assignment so as to complete it in a timely and efficient manner, and seeks clarification from the RN before implementing.F. Demonstrates an understanding of own limitations and seeks guidance and assistance when necessary.G. Demonstrates skill in oral and written communication as well as interpersonal relationships with patients, families and co-workers.H. Observes and reports symptoms and conditions of patients to the appropriate health care providers and Staffing Administrator.I. Prepares clinical notes and progress notes accurately and completely.J. Assists the physician or the Registered Nurse in performing specialized procedures, including preparation of equipment and supplies for treatments that require adherence to sterile or aseptic techniques.K. Supports the philosophy, purposes, polices and procedures of Nurse Advantage.L. Adheres to the dress code for Nurse Advantage.M. Strives to develop and maintain team spirit.N. Extends courtesy and an attitude of cooperation when communication with others.O. Shares knowledge and lends assistance to others when needed.P. Maintains confidentiality regarding patient information.Q. Demonstrates responsible attitude towards attendance and promptness.R. Participates in in-service and training programs provided by Nurse Advantage and other resources.S. Maintains current CPR certifications according to American Heart Association standards.IV. QUALIFICATIONS:A. Education: Two to four years of high school. Competition of state-approved course of study for practical nurse training. Must obtain qualifying scores on exams administered by Nurse Advantage and be able to demonstrate satisfactory performance administering medications under supervision.B. Licensure: Current licensure by Virginia Board of Nursing.C. Experience: Satisfactory reference(s) from previous and/or current employers or School of Nursing.