Hospice of Chattanooga Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) in Ringgold, Georgia

Job Summary;

Hospice C.N.A. makes visits according to the plan of care, following the scope of practice as a Certified Nurse Aide in the State of Tennessee and Georgia, supervised by a Licensed R.N.

Responsible for performing basic personal care procedures for Hospice patients. Responsible for bathing patients (i.e., bed bath, sponge bath, tub bath, or shower). Responsible for routine hair care (i.e., shampoo dry, comb, and brush) Responsible for mouth care (i.e., brush teeth, mouth swabs). Responsible for shaving patient as necessary. .Ensures patient’s clothes are changed. Responsible for taking and recording vital signs each visit. Ensures blood pressure, respiration, temperatures, and pulse is taken and recorded. Responsible for positioning patient. Ensures patient is turned in bed as needed and positioned as comfortably as possible. Responsible for moving patient to chair, commode,etc., as needed. Ensures bed linens are changed each visit. The C.N.A. is available to assist with medications that are ordinarily self-administered. Responsible for administering enemas as ordered by RN (ie. fleets, SSE). May be responsible for simple dressing and cleaning of affected area under direction of RN. Responsible for recording intake and output as necessary. Responsible for preparing food and feeding patient as necessary. Responsible for providing moral support to patient (i.e. listening and giving encouragement). Responsible for recognizing and reporting changes in patient’s condition or behavior to assigned RN. Responsible for providing homemaker services as designated in the plan of care such as housekeeping related to the immediate patient area or patient need at the time of visit. Responsible for providing skin care and nail care as necessary Responsible for completing daily documentation in electronic medical record. Ensures time and travel information is completed and submitted to the appropriate person.


High school diploma or equivalency Documented proof of at least 75 certified education hours/completed training program Actively TN and GA State Nurse Aide Certified in good standing One year of State Certified Nurse Aide experience; hospice or HH experience a plus. Ability to independently organize work and provide effective health care services to homebound patients through appropriate patient care, and document said care thoroughly, accurately, and completely on a timely basis. Accept travel and working conditions as assigned, personal vehicle/car insurance. Working knowledge of the principles of safe and appropriate personal care and practice of company policies and procedures, to include effective communication skills (oral and written) and CPR certification. Full-time and PRN opportunities available



High school or equivalent

Required experience:

State Certified Nurse Aide: 1 year Required license or certification:

TN State Nurse Aide Certified GA State Nurse Aide Certified