MEDICA HEALTH MANAGEMENT, INC. Home Health Registered Nurse-Lubbock in LUBBOCK, Texas

FULL-TIME OR PRN The Home Health Registered Nurse is responsible for nursing care in accordance with the client's plan of care, and includes comprehensive health and psychosocial evaluation, monitoring of the client's condition, health promotion and prevention, coordination of services, teaching and training activities, and provision of direct nursing care and other duties as deemed necessary. 1. Coordinates total patient care. 2. Conducts the admission and/or recertification of the patient to the Agency by: a. Obtaining a medical history, particularly as it relates to the present condition, from the patient and/or family member(s). b. Completing an OASIS Assessment by performing a physical examination of the patient, including vital signs, physical assessment, mental status, appetite and type of diet, etc. c. Evaluating the patient, family member(s) and home situation to determine what health teaching will be required. d. Evaluating the patient's environment to determine what assistance will be available from family members in caring for the patient. e. Evaluating the patient's condition and home situation to determine if the services of a home health aide will be required and the frequency of this service. f. Interpreting nursing and other services of the Agency to patients and families as a part of planning for care. 3. Provides skilled nursing care as outlined in the nursing care plan to include the following: a. Nursing services, treatments and preventative procedures requiring substantial specialized skill and ordered by the physician. b. Initiating preventative and rehabilitative nursing procedures as appropriate for the patient's care and safety. 4. Develops and implements the nursing care plan. 5. Teaches, supervises and counsels the patient and caregivers regarding nursing care needs and other related problems of the patient at home. 6. Reports to the physician reactions to treatments, including drugs, and changes in the patient's physical or emotional condition through observing signs and symptoms. 7. Participates in the patient s discharge planning process. 8. Supervises the LPN or the LVN. a. Supervisory visits are performed at a minimum every thirty (30) days. 9. Is responsible for the care given by the home health aide to patients in her care by: a. Preparation of a care plan for the Home Health Aide/Personal Care Aide. b. Supervising and evaluating the care given by the home health aide as needed and at a minimum of once every 14 days. c. Participating in periodic conferences with the home health aide supervisor concerning the aide's performance. 10. Documents the services rendered to the patient by the staff nurse, changes noted in the patient's condition and/or family and home situation, makes revisions in the nursing care plan as needed, records supervisory visits conducted with the home health aide and LVN, evaluates patient care and progress and closes charts of discharged patients. 11. Evaluates client s response to care and discusses progress of client with physician, supervisor and/or other caregivers. 12. Consults and participates in the development and periodic revision of the physician's Plan of Care and processes change orders as needed. 13. Evaluates the effectiveness of nursing service to the individual and family. 14. Discusses with the supervisor any problems and concerns the patient may have requiring such as the home health aide, physical therapist, speech therapist, occupational therapist, social worker, etc. 15. Obtains orders for paraprofessional service and submits referral to appropriate personnel. 16. Cooperates with other agencies providing nursing or related services to provide continuity of care and to implement a comprehensive care plan. 17. Prepares and participates in presents patient's record to the Clinical Record Review Committee as part of the QAPI Program. 18. Participates in the